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Idea: ipro leads - software sucks email leads out of facebook!

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iPro Leads-
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Manage, Sync & Automate Your Facebook(TM) Email Leads With Over 21
Autoresponders & Webinar Platforms

Cloud-Based Software - No Download Or Installation Needed
100% Facebook(TM) Compliant - Approved By Facebook(TM)
Synchronized With Over 21+ Autoresponders & Webinar Platforms, Plus
Multi Opt-In Feature
100% Secured & Protected - We Don't Store Your Leads
What Is iPro Leads?

iPro Leads is a 100% secured, full cloud-based software that finishes
what Facebook(TM) forgot to finish. It is an approved Facebook software
that allows you to synchronize your email leads within Facebook(TM) to
over 20 autoresponders and webinar platforms. It also allows you to
multi opt-in a subscriber to the your favorite autoresponder and
register them to your webinar series.

Best of all, you no longer need to invest in programmers or web
developers to create your opt-in pages and landing pages. Everything
can be done within Facebook(TM) with zero technology skills and
experiences. Imagine given the power of "mining" real email subscribers
right out of Facebook(TM), this is what iPro Leads can do.

iPro Leads Is Synchronized With Over 21 Industry-Leading Autoresponders
& Webinar Platforms

To Date, The Total Email Leads We've Synchronized

How It Works - It's As Easy As 1, 2, 3

iPro Leads creates a simple tunnel between your Facebook(TM) account
and your e-mail automation software.

When a lead is collected within Facebook(TM), it will automatically
send your email leads into your e-mail software through a tunnel,
almost instantly. In fact, our software does not collect any of your
e-mail leads data. This makes your e-mail leads safe and invulnerable
from hackers.


Create Your Facebook(TM) Ad


Prospect Clicks On It


iPro Leads Sync Your Leads to Your Autoresponder Instantly
Watch This Demo Video To See iPro Leads In Action



Immediately Build an Email List -- NO Website Needed!
100% Opt-in Conversions - Don't risk creating a bad landing page or bad
copywriting. There is zero chance of losing a lead.
Never Worry About Technology - Stop fumbling around with opt-in page
creators, landing page creators and hosting.
Start Within 5 Minutes - Just follow our 1, 2, 3 process and start
generating leads from the multi-billion giant.
21+ Autoresponder & Webinar Platforms Integrated -- Fully automate your
Multi Opt-in - Opt-in your subscribers to an autoresponder AND webinar
platform at the same time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can it be used on both PC or MAC? Is there anything to install?

A: Yes, because the application is WEB BASED and CLOUD HOSTED, there is
nothing to download or install. It works as long as you have a web

Q: How many Facebook(TM) Ads can you create using this tool?

A: iPro Leads comes with UNLIMITED use license. There is no cap on the
number of ads you can create.

Q: How many Facebook(TM) Accounts can you connect to the tool?

A: Each membership comes with the ability to connect ONE leads account
per license. You can create as many ads as you want under your
Facebook(TM) Ads account but it'll only connect to one.

Q: What autoresponders, CRM's and/or Webinar systems does it integrate to?

A: Our current list is as follows: Sendlane, Aweber, GetResponse,
MailChimp, Constant Contact, iContact, Infusionsoft, Sendy, Sendgrid,
Ontraport, Campaign Monitor, Aweber, ConvertKit, Office Autopilot, Mad
Mimi, Send Reach, Hubspot, GotoWebinar, WebinarJam, and Drip. If there
is one that iPro Leads is not integrated to, we ask you to email our
team and we'll see what we can do to accommodate your request.

Q: Do you provide step by step instructions on how to integrate directly with
iPro Leads?

A: Yes, we do. You'll see a complete list of integration tutorials
along with how to get started and most frequently asked troubleshooting
issues are available.

Q: Is there a monthly fee to use iPro Leads?

A: Nope. it's a ONE TIME FEE.. for instant access. What you see is what
you get. We kept it simple.

Q: Is it risk free? what's the money back promise all about?

A: We ask you NOT to purchase if you are unsure of what it does or what
it can do for you. But we do make it really simple. If at any point in
30 days, you decide that iPro Leads is not for you, we ask you to
simply send us an email with your transaction # and we'll get your
refund handled. You WILL LOSE ACCESS TO iPRO LEADS SOFTWARE and all
your "connected" accounts will be disabled.

Disclaimer: Results may not be typical nor expected for every person.
iPro Leads is not affiliated with Facebook in any way. All information
provided on this website is based on best practices and for
educational-purposes only.
* Anti-Spam Policy
* DMCA Notice
* Privacy Policy
* Terms Of Services
* Refund Policy

Copyright 2016. All Rights Reserved. iPro Leads. A Subsidiary of iPro

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